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If you are adding an Amazon cart, other affiliate cart, or if you are a premium member of you may need to create a new page to hold the code that WP may not accept.  Or, perhaps you need to play with the settings size wise as the theme is not wide enough

This template is great for adding Paypal buttons etc as WP hate their code,… or tables.

Please note that not all themes will accept this and insist on adding bits to their header that you do not want on this page.  I found I had to change the theme on a couple of sites.

Download this PHP file RIGHT CLICK AND “SAVE LINK AS…….”
Change the title where it says REPLACEWITHYOURNAME
Change the middle section to add your wording and your cart code (or whatever else you are adding)
Upload to your theme folder (will be in somewhere like /wp-content/themes/THEMEYOUAREUSING)  Just drop it in that folder
Create your page
On the right look for your newly named and created template (It will be a drop down menu on the right hand side of your edit page)
Find the new template and Save Draft

 Check the new page and play with the PHP page until you are happy with it and then PUBLISH


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  1. maggievlazny

    Hi Abbie, I can’t download the PHP page in the directions for WP because it always comes up as a fatal error?

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