Welcome to Young Artists and Photographers!

This section will be dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for young, aspiring artists. There will be a variety of articles here that will provide information and hopefully encourage you in your artistic journey. Shelby Young and I (Parker Cunningham) will be sharing some things we have learned in setting up a business, getting our name out, and improving our images. There will be a wide variety of interviews all geared towards helping new artists. We will be interviewing established marketing advisors, professional artists, and some of the best-selling photographers on one of the biggest POD sites in the world! With each of these interviews, there will be general advice, but we really want to focus on advice for artists who are just starting. Finally, we will be sharing quick how-to guides on mastering some of the most important techniques in photography and having other artists do the same. From what gear to use to how to get that perfect long exposure, you will find it all here! New articles will be coming, so check back for more!

"Smooth Waters" By Shelby Young
Smooth Water (c) Shelby Young

The team consists of Shelby and me!  You can read more about me in my bio, but I thought it would be nice to get to know Shelby by interviewing her!

How did you discover photography?

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.54.37 AM
Shelby Young

Shelby: “My mom noticed that I had an interesting perspective in the photos I had been taking with my iPod.  She encouraged me to purchase a camera. Shortly afterwards, I bought my first camera, the Nikon D3100! Over the next year, I grew to enjoy photography more and more and eventually upgraded to a Nikon D5200, which I still use today.”

What was the biggest thing you learned through that process? Any tips you would pass on to other new photographers?

Shelby: “One of the biggest things that I have had to learn (and am still learning) is to embrace my own perspective and style. It is easy to look at others’ work and try to make your own art similar. Don’t get me wrong; looking at other art is truly inspiring, and I highly recommend it, but don’t forget to stay true to your style and own it.”

"Autumn Waterfall" by Shelby Young
Autumn Waterfall (c) Shelby Young

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

Shelby: “That is a tough one. I love shooting anything and everything, so it is hard to choose an all-time favorite. I would have to say that anything water related has to be a favorite. I love doing long exposure photography as well as playing around with reflections. Autumn provides beautiful colors that are so fun to capture.  That has to be my favorite season to shoot.”

What do you want to accomplish through your photography?

Shelby: “Photography is a truly unique form of art that captures a moment that could otherwise be lost. From the adventure of finding a photo to sharing it with people, I hope to portray my vision of the world’s beauty.” 

"Deep Colors" By Shelby Young
Deep Colors (c) Shelby Young

Where can we see more of your work?

Shelby: “You can view my full gallery here and I am on Instagram and Facebook: Fine Art Photography and Portrait Photography

We look forward to bringing you more interviews with young artists and photographers in the future!